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John Y. Brown Jr. is comfortable on both sides of the microphone. With thousands of speeches behind him, his audience members feel as if they are communicating one to one. Watch examples of Governor Brown in action; you can see he speaks from the heart.

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As a motivational speaker, Governor Brown is an excellent story teller. Here are 3 examples of sharing events in his life with his audience:

"Being Different"

(Running Time: 1:10 Min.)


"Have Something To Sell"

(Running Time: 1:11 Min.)


(Running Time: 1:56 Min.)
John Y Brown Jr being introduced: Hosting the Ali Center opening: Always willing to share his thoughts:

John Y. Brown Jr.

(Running Time: 1:05 Min.)

"As Your Host"

(Running Time:  3:05 Min.)


"Thoughts on Education"

(Running Time: 2:47 Min.)
Life as an entrepreneur: Accepting an award: Motivation Keynote:
Entreprenuer Keynote

(Running Time: 6:13 Min.)
CEO award video
"CEO of the Year"

(Running Time: 7:24 Min.)

"Amway National Convention"

(Running Time: 17:25 Min.)



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