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John Y. Brown Jr. is an outstanding nationally recognized motivational speaker!

When you bring John Y. Brown Jr. to your stage, you bring a pioneer in building the restaurant business. You bring a unique speaker with service to both the corporate and public sectors. You bring to your audience Brown's talent for using an "entrepreneurial approach by thinking out of the box."

Governor Brown has been the featured  or keynote speaker over 1,000 times.  His audiences range from corporate events such as Amway's Convention, the Norman Vincent Peale Annual Conference, and for organizations as Chambers of Commerce of Miami, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Louisville, Kentucky. Brown has previously been recognized as Speaker of the Year by the National Platform Association in Washington, DC.

Example Topics Include:  
Run like a Business: The Road to Success in
        Politics  & Business
Entrepreneurs Never Fail - They Just Keep
        Changing It Until It Works
Creating the World's Most Recognizable Brands The Franchise King Shares His Secrets
        for Success
When You Get In A Hole - Stop Digging Success is Built on the Footprints of Failure
New Business Start-up Philosophy -  Build 1, If It Works, Build 2
"Governor Brown is a genius in his field, and his expertise and magnetic persona are like no other ... he has been an inspiration of many entrepreneurs to build major food companies. As the Founder of Boston Chicken/Boston Market, I am one of those inspired entrepreneurs. Governor Brown will, simply put, ignite the passion of everyone in his audience, that's how effective he is!"

George Naddaff
Chairman & CEO, UFood Grill
Founder, Boston Market

Brown is a multi-subject speaker, from business to government to sports, and discusses franchising, entrepreneurial, and motivational topics. A dynamic speaker, he keeps his audience alive with his enthusiasm and Southern sense of humor. Quoting Emerson, Brown states: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

John Y. Brown, a man of many hats, including fast-food franchise leader, governor of Kentucky, sports team owner and renowned entrepreneur, has been named Nation’s Restaurant News 2010 Pioneer Award winner. The award recognizes dedication and contributions to foodservice including creativity and innovations that have advanced the industry.

“John Brown is widely recognized as one of America’s foremost entrepreneurs. His impact on foodservice, especially in franchising, has been remarkable” said Randall Friedman, publisher of NRN. “Known as the ‘Franchise King,’ Mr. Brown opened over 4,000 franchise units nationally and internationally without ever instigating an issue with a franchisee. His franchise model has been widely emulated and we look forward to celebrating his achievements at MFSO.”

After purchasing Kentucky Fried chicken in 1964 from its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, Brown overhauled the company’s franchising contract and worked to expand the chain from 600 locations to 3,500 units.

“John brought us into the modern age of fast food with the right franchising model. He was a pioneer in the industry,” said former KFC franchisee Harold Dunford.

In addition to leading the explosive growth of KFC from 1964 to 1972, Brown co-founded Kenny Rogers Roasters with recording artist Kenny Rogers, expanding that chain to more than 300 restaurants before selling it in the mid-1990s. In the past two decades, he has founded several other restaurants including Miami Subs, Chicken by George and Roadhouse Grill.

Curtis Wilson, vice president/general manager for restaurant and lodging industries for American Express, calls Brown “one of a kind, an individual who has always challenged traditional methods of doing business with consistent success. Mr. Brown built KFC into one of the world’s largest foodservice companies, and, along with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, is credited with launching the dynamic growth of the fast-food industry.”

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John Y. Brown Jr.


Governor Brown announced
as keynote speaker at
"Entrepreneur Magazine's Growth 2.0 Conference"
in January 2011.



"Governor Brown's knowledge and practical background in finance, business development, and marketing is impressive.  His experiences as an entrepreneur are without rival. After working with forward thinking,  cutting-edge companies as Hard Rock Cafe and the Walt Disney Company, I was overwhelmed by Governor Brown's current and insightful perspective."

Robb Perez
Saul Good Restaurant
 & Pub




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